Risks and Challenges

we're almost there

The final prototype has been tried and tested by over 50 people!

We have incorporated feedback and iterated the product to be optimized to deliver the optimal napping experience. We are confident we can fulfill all the pledges but there may always be unforeseen issues that arise during the process.

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The Plufl is a large product and we want to make sure that we can ship to all our backers. Thus, we are choosing to begin by only shipping to Canada and the United States. We are so excited to have backers from across the world and our eventual goal is to make the Plufl a worldwide product. We hope to fulfill orders within 5 months following the campaign but based on the nature of a product-based business, there may be uncertainties in the shipping process that might cause delays.


Our Plufls will soon be ready to be produced but there may be unexpected supply chain issues as we internationally source our products so we hope to have your patience if any issues arise. We have also received more pre-orders than expected so our production process may take longer than originally anticipated.