• Piece of memory foam
  • Two pillow bolsters
  • Case
  • Assembly user guide

Step 1: Unbox Your Pufl

  • Check for all the contents.

Step 2: Fluff the Bolsters

  • Bolsters are vacuum-sealed, so fluff them up by gently massaging and bouncing them.

Step 3: Allow Your Pad and Bolsters to Rebound

  • Let the pad and bolsters sit out for 24 to 72 hours for full rebound.

Step 4: Prepare the Case

  • Unzip both ends of the case

Step 5: Prepare the inner pocket

  • Unzip the inner pocket where the bolsters will be inserted.

Step 6: Insert Bolsters

  • Begin feeding the bolsters into the Plufl.
  • Start at one opening, insert the bolster, and pull it through.
  • For ease, go to the other side, grab the bolster, and pull it through.
  • Repeat for the other bolster.
  • Ensure even distances on each side with bolsters.
  • Tuck the bolsters in and zip it right back up

Step 7: Tuck Bolsters In

  • Tuck the bolsters inside.
  • Zip up the inner pockets securely.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Insert the Foam Pad

  • Insert the foam pad underneath the base fabric.
  • Use the "taco method" by folding the pad and sliding it in.
  • If stuck, go to the other side and pull it through.

Step 9: Zip Up the Base Fabric

  • Starting from one side, zip up the base fabric to close it.
  • Hold the foam piece in place while zipping to ensure a snug fit

Step 10: Final Adjustments

  • Once fully assembled, move the foam around to ensure even distribution.
  • Flip the Plufl around and give it a gentle shake for a final touch of adjustment and love.

Congratulations! Your Plufl is now fully assembled.