Welcome to the Best Nap of Your Life

From your best to worst days, the Plufl always has your back



The World's First
Dog Bed for Humans

The Plufl is designed to maximize comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering ultimate relief from stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.


Built in handles allow for easy storage and transport

Machine Washable

Easy-to-remove, pet-friendly, machine washable cover


Tuck your hands and feet inside the heavenly pillow border


High-grade orthopedic and memory foam for all day relaxation


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People Love The Plufl!


Amazing Sensory Relief

"Tucking your hands and feet in the Plufl feels amazing. It helps me feel so much better when I'm stressed or anxious."

Josie K., California


Total Family Hit!

"Between my family of 4 and two dogs I don’t think the Plufl has set empty for more than 15 minutes in the last two days."

Dustin V., Indiana


Better Than My Bed

"I literally sleep in the Plufl more than my bed at this point. It's so comfortable, I fall asleep in it so quickly."

Sarah M., Texas

Transform the Way You Rest

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with the heavenly comfort the Plufl provides.

Experience the Magic

Why Plufl?

Stress, exhaustion, anxiety; the past few years have taken a toll on many of us. So Plufl founders Noah and Yuki set out on a mission to create the most comfortable sleeping product on the market, and help people get the rest they need.

Their creation? The Plufl. The ultimate napping product ... and the world's first dog bed for humans!

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