Hugl Spare Cover

$99 $69
save $30
Hugl Spare Cover
Hugl Spare Cover
Hugl Spare Cover
Hugl Spare Cover
Hugl Spare Cover
Hugl Spare Cover

Hugl Spare Cover

Want to have a spare cover on hand in case of accidents or be able to use the Hugl while your original cover is in the wash? Grab a spare Hugl body pillow cover to have so that you can always have a fresh one on your pillow.

$69 $99
save $30
Color Cool Grey

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Receive it by September 21-24

Cool to the touch

Relieves Tension

Improves Sleep

3 Reasons why you'll love The Hugl

Advanced Cooling Fabric:

The outer cover is made from a propriety blend of Bamboo and Polyethelyne.

Supportive & Adjustable Fill:

High-density blend of premium micro-fiber and memory foam

Machine Washable:

Our anti-microbial covers are easily removable and machine washable.

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Transform your Sleep Today

Say goodbye to sleep discomfort with The Hugl body pillow.

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How to Wash & Store

It’s Easy To Store

Fold The Hugl, adjust the buttons, and you're ready to go!

And It’s Easy To Wash

Take off the cover, put it in the washing machine—easy and simple!

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Loved By The Customers!

“It is SO comfortable and conforms to my exact body shapes"

- Bree W., 34

“Its cooling fabric keeps me comfortable all night long”

- Chelsea L., 32

“As a hot sleeper, the Hugl is a MUST HAVE!!”

- Kubair C., 29

“Far better than any other body pillow 've ever used.”

- Vicki Y., 42