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Our pre-orders are estimated to deliver during late Janurary, 2023. Please note that deliver might be earlier or later due to uncertanties that may arise in the shipping process. We will keep all our customers updated if there are any changes in the estimated delivery date.

Currently, the only place you can pre-order a Plufl is through our website www.weareplufl.com. If you see the Plufl being listed or sold on any third-party retail websites, please note that it is most likely a scam or a knockoff where we are not able to guarantee quality.

Shipping is FREE for all orders placed within the United States. For all Canadian orders, please see checkout for the most up-to-date shipping prices.

The case is fully removable and machine washable. It can also be dried on a low tumble setting.

Please see here for more details on our shippng and return policies.