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By Nappers, For Nappers

The Plufl journey began when we realized there needed to be a better way to rest.

As tired college students, we took a lot of naps. But our issue? There weren't any comfortable places to nap on campus!

One day, we saw a large dog napping blissfully in a giant dog bed at our local college coffee shop.

That's when the idea struck us.

Dog beds ... but for HUMANS!!

From that day onwards, we embarked on our journey of bringing our idea to life. The result: a kickass napping product that's so comfortable we struggle to get out of it everyday.

We're so excited that you're here to join us on this journey and we can't wait to help you get that rest you deserve. 


Noah and Yuki 

Our Mission:

Delivering a Better Way to Rest

Plufl is on a mission to help you get the rest you deserve, wherever and whenever.

All of us experience stress and anxiety, and we wanted to create something that would help with that.

So, we embarked on a journey to create a product so comfy and cozy that you wouldn't help but smile when experiencing it.

Our creation? The Plufl. The world's first human dog bed.

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