The Best Nap Accessories of the Year: Make the Most of Your Naps With These Essentials!

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If you’re looking to upgrade your napping game, then you need to consider these best nap accessories of the year!

Yes, napping can reduce fatigue, but it can do more than that. Napping hosts many great health benefits, including improved mood, stamina, athletic performance, and focus. 

However, many people struggle with napping - likely because their environment isn’t set up properly! Thus, the most effective way to achieve the benefits mentioned above is by purchasing a few high-quality napping accessories to help improve your sleep quality. 

And in this article, we dive into the best napping accessories of this year and detail the different beneficial characteristics of each so that you can start snoozing asap! 

Why You Need the Best Nap Accessories in Your Life

Regarding the pros and cons of napping, the health benefits heavily outweigh the cons. The cons are readily avoidable so you can reap the outstanding advantages of napping, including a boosted immune system, improved mental alertness, enhanced energy levels, and efficient memory recall. But to receive these health gains, you need to nap right! 

Using the best nap accessories, you can find napping comes more smoothly and quickly so that you can get the most out of your napping. Providing sensory relief and ultimate comfort, these nap accessories will surely pull you into the world of snoozing and napping benefits. Below, we’ll go over the best napping accessories and best gifts for nappers of the year!

So - What are the Best Nap Accessories of the Year?

Out of all the different options, what are the best nap accessories of the year? Below we detail all the best nap accessories and which is right for you! 

The Human Size Dog Bed

The #1 choice for best napping accessories, the viral human size dog bed by Plufl has taken the world by storm thanks to its top-notch design dedicated to elevating the quality of comfort. As the world’s first dog bed for humans, this napping accessory is a nifty and unique treat for humans, though your dog may try to steal it from you if you’re not careful! 

Made with supportive orthopedic and memory foam, the relief of settling down into this human-size dog bed layered with an ultra-soft machine-washable cover to reduce stress and anxiety is unrivaled. And that’s not all! This exceptional napping accessory allows you to tuck your hands and feet under the plush pillow border for the most significant sensory relief. You can also elevate your feet on the pillow bolster to reduce tension for additional comfort. 

There’s no doubt why Plufl’s human-size dog bed is the top option out of all the other napping accessories. You’ll be snoozing in no time! 

Essential Oil Diffusers

A tool that functions to diffuse essential oils into the air to inhale, essential oil diffusers are a popular aromatherapy tool. As different essential oils function to promote various benefits, an essential oil diffuser can serve to be a great multi-purpose tool not only used as a napping accessory.

As a napping accessory, an essential oil diffuser is a wonderful product that can encourage relaxation, rest, and calm. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, sandalwood, bergamot, valerian, and eucalyptus, in your essential oil diffuser, you can readily promote high-quality naps thanks to the soothing scents released into your napping space. 

Alarm Clocks

If you’re going to wake up in time from your nap to get back to work, an alarm clock is a great gift, especially if you have a habit of silencing or ignoring your phone’s alarm. 

There are a variety of nifty alarm clocks for napping. Some release pink or white noise to make it easier to fall asleep faster by soothing the mind, which can be great for anyone who struggles with an overactive mind during nap time. 

Sleep Mask

For light-sensitive people, sleeping masks are an excellent method of blocking out excess light so you can settle down for a power nap. 

Whether napping on a plane, at work, or during the day at home, purchasing a sleep mask can function to soothe those with light sensitivity. So falling asleep for a rejuvenating nap becomes more accessible and quicker!

Weighted Blanket

For the anxious napper, a weighted blank is an excellent napping accessory.

The weight, or pressure, induced by a weighted blanket stimulates the autonomic nervous system to transition into “rest” mode. This process, called “pressure therapy,” also reduces anxiety and promotes calm and relaxation by signaling the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and lower your heart rate.

The sensation of using a weighted blanket is often compared to the feeling of being hugged. Weighted blankets come in different customizable sizes and weights to be catered to your preference for comfort. 

Nap Spray

A nap spray as a natural sleep aid is an excellent nap accessory. Natural sources like lavender, chamomile, and vetivert are known to improve sleep and fight lethargy. Other nap sprays will sometimes use other ingredients like melatonin, a hormone necessary for sleep regulation, to increase effectiveness as a sleeping aid. 

Silk Pillowcases & Sheets

Boasting silky smooth comfort, silk pillowcases and sheets can be great napping accessories. There’s nothing quite like stretching out and curling up on silk sheets and resting your head on refreshingly smooth silk-covered pillows. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones

For sound-sensitive sleepers, noise-canceling headphones can mute these overpowering noises so you can settle down for a nap. This nap accessory comes in different types, like earbuds or over-the-ear headphones. 

Another sound-muting option is earplugs. There are various types of earplugs, including filter and foam earplugs. These are designed to attenuate or lower the intensity of sound. Earplugs are for napping when surrounded by loud noises like snoring or television sounds and are most commonly used by passengers in airplanes to mute the sound of the engine. 

Tips to Help You Attain the Benefits of Napping After Upgrading Your Accessories

You need to check out these informative tips to coincide with your napping accessory for upgraded napping. Then, read below to learn how to prepare for the highest quality napping to reduce fatigue and improve mood! 

Check The Temperature

There is a connection between sleep quality and temperature. Therefore, if you want to attain the benefits of napping after upgrading your napping accessories, you may need to adjust your thermostat. 

With cooler temperatures, body temperatures drop, stimulating the body’s instinct to sleep, whereas high temperatures negate this by affecting rapid eye movement (REM). But, of course, every person is different, some running hotter or colder or even more sensitive to temperature changes. So toy with different temperatures on your thermostat, ideally 70°F, to begin with, or lower. 

Paired with your napping accessory of choice, this will improve your sleep quality drastically so you can take advantage of the exceptional napping benefits. 

Reduce Outside Noises

Reducing outside noises can be beneficial for noise-sensitive sleepers. Though there are tools that can help eliminate the volume level of cacophonous sounds, reducing outside noises to the best of your ability will aid you in your napping ventures. 

Using ear plugs, noise-canceling headphones, or even an alarm clock that produces white or pink noise, can be an excellent maneuver to reduce outside noises by muting or overpowering them with more relaxing sounds. 

Try Out Breathing Techniques

The usage of breathing techniques can be extremely helpful for nappers. Many nappers who struggle to fall asleep or ask why can’t I take naps during the day would benefit from learning productive breathing techniques.

These breathing techniques utilize a rhythm or counting style to relax the body and distract the mind from overthinking. Used by Navy SEALS and other professionals, consider trying these recommended techniques next time you nap with your chosen napping accessory.

Parting Thoughts on the Best Napping Accessories for Nappers Like You

Out of all the types of napping accessories in the world, only a select few can be considered “the best.” And topping them all, as the #1 napping accessory is Plufl’s human-size dog bed! 

Masterfully designed to cater to the ultimate comfort for nappers or anyone who wants to settle down and rest, this is a must-have one-of-a-kind product that should not be missed out on. We highly recommend you get your Plufl human-size dog bed today. So you can get started achieving the magnificent health benefits from napping today! 

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