The Best Gifts for Nappers in 2022: A Must-Have for the Nap Lover in Your Life!

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Whether the holiday season is coming up or you’re preparing for a loved one’s birthday -  it can be tricky to find the best gifts for nappers. 

From weighted blankets to sleeping masks, there are many options to consider for gifts for nap lovers. But here’s the problem: these gifts are boring and lack thoughtfulness. You want to get them something that will blow them away and leave a lasting impression.

So, what gift will promote the best comfort and relaxation so that nappers can not only fall asleep fast but also promote quality sleep - enjoying the post-nap energy boost that’s sure to come?

You’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve listed the top gifts for professional nappers. Just wait till you see our #1 recommendation - this one gift will steal the show without a doubt! First - let’s discuss whether you should even be encouraging that napping habit or not…

Should You Really Get Gifts for Nap Lovers?

Contrary to what some may think, naps aren’t for lazy people! 

Naps offer magnificent health benefits proven through studies to strengthen the immune system, heighten mental alertness, increase stamina and athletic performance, and improve memory recall. So yes - you should support that napping habit! 

Getting gifts for nap lovers is a great idea. It can drastically improve napping quality by enhancing nappers' comfort levels to ensure they get the most out of their afternoon siesta. This will improve their overall quality of life.

Many people struggle with sleeping during the daytime and wonder, why can’t I nap during the day? Unfortunately, quite a few factors can deter a napper from falling asleep or finding quality rest. That’s where your gift comes in.

You are helping your favorite nappers unlock peak productivity by getting them the best napping product and helping them to perform and feel better while promoting a beneficial health boost. That person in your life will adore and thank you for years to come with the ultimate gifts for professional nappers that transform their napping game into one of complete relaxation and comfort. 

So - without any further ado, let’s unveil the best gifts for nappers right now!

So, What are the Best Gifts for Nappers Right Now?

Out of all the gifts and products continuously invented in the world, what are the best gifts for nappers? Don’t worry. We’ve dwindled the long list to the best of the best, so you’re guaranteed to gift your napper a worthwhile present! 

And frankly, you can just take a look at the first choice below - it’s overwhelmingly the best choice for that napper in your life. Here’s why gifting them Plufl’s giant napping bed is taking the nap world by storm…

The Ultimate Napping Bed

Beating out all other napping beds and products, Plufl’s giant dog bed for humans has taken the world by storm. Featured on Shark Tank, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and FOX, Plufl’s reputation has soared as the ultimate napping bed.

As the world’s first dog bed for humans, this is one of the best gifts for those looking for a quick power nap after a long day at work. Beyond napping, it also works great for cuddling and relaxing. Made with huggable plush pillow bolsters, handles for easy storage and transport, an ultra soft machine washable cover, and supportive orthopedic and memory foam, this giant dog bed for humans is made out of magic and clouds of billowing comfort. 

For those desiring sensory relief, the plush pillow border allows hands or feet to be tucked in to negate any sensorial problems affecting sleep quality or relaxation. The built-in pillow bolster is excellent for elevating your feet to reduce tension after a long day at work on your feet or sitting at your desk. The ultra-soft soothing material of Plufl’s napping product works efficiently to reduce stress and anxiety, to soothe and upgrade to maximum comfort for your napping game. 

There’s no doubt about it - this is the gift you’ve been searching for. You can save yourself the time of reading the rest of this article, because nothing can contend with this one! However, there are other options if they already happen to have a napping bed like this one…

Fresh Set of Pillowcases/Linens

Buying a fresh set of pillowcases or linens can give a quick jumpstart to a napper’s sleep quality. Silk pillowcases and linens offer moisture-repelling properties that prevent erratic sleep due to unnatural and unbreathable fibers, like polyester, that can cause you to sleep hot and uncomfortable. 

Though not as effective as Plufl’s giant dog bed for humans, a fresh set of silk pillowcases or linens can improve sleep quality or napping. One’s thermal environment is an essential factor in the quality of human sleep. A higher core body temperature during sleep can decrease restorative slow-wave sleep and negate overall sleep quality. Therefore, silk bedding products can help improve nappers' sleep quality. 

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock can be used for setting regulated napping times so as not to oversleep. Regulating napping time can reduce the chances of health risks associated with prolonged napping times and the likelihood of waking up groggy and unrested. 

Sleep Masks

Dark sleeping conditions have been linked to an increase in time in REM sleep and melatonin production. Therefore, buying a sleep mask for a napper can give them a higher chance of success in falling asleep more accessible and faster by decreasing exposure to light and boosting melatonin production. 

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket adds pressure, helping to calm the heart rate and breathing. This napping product gift can help soothe anxious nappers. However, they may need to be careful about thermal conditions as a weighted blanket is not breathable, which can cause core temperatures to rise and affect sleep quality. 

If You Had to Just Pick One Gift for Nap Lovers, it Should be This…

Of all the gifts you could buy for nap lovers, Plufl’s giant dog bed for humans tops them all!

Promoting maximum comfort and sensory relief, this napping product is guaranteed to please nap lovers. The ultra-soft material and unique design make it easy for nappers to elevate their feet or hands to relieve tension or boost them underneath the plush pillow border for sensory relief, making it practically effortless to fall asleep and start snoozing some z’s!

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for Nappers Right Now

When searching for the best gifts for nappers, Plufl’s giant human dog bed for humans outmatches all other napping products!

Specially designed to promote the ultimate comfort, this one-of-a-kind napping product is perfect for nappers of all kinds and beats out all other gifts for sleepers and nappers. Whether to curl on their side, snuggle their feet under the plush pillow border, or elevate their feet and hands overtop the built-in pillow bolster, this human dog bed is the ultimate gift for nappers. So buy Plufl’s giant dog bed for humans today for a gift nappers will be grateful for forever!

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