10 Things Only True Nappers Know

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As a kid, I realized that naps are the quickest form of teleportation. I looked forward to naps to drift off into dreamland, where I was only limited by my imagination. This habit carried on into adulthood where naps were a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Through the many naps that I’ve taken, I’ve gleaned some wisdom about naps that I’m sure many nappers share:

1. Those little pillow/ sheet crease marks on your cheek after a nap are a mark of a truly great nap that will make anyone around you a little jealous of all the rest and relaxation you got.

2. Having a nap after a meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures

3. You get teary-eyed when you yawn because you miss the good days in kindergarten when you had mandatory nap time.

4. But naps aren’t just for children! Many cultures in the Mediterranean and tropical climates have historically practiced ~siestas~ which refers to midday rest in the early afternoon, often after a meal.

5. Waking up after a power nap, feeling refreshed and checking that you only fell asleep for 15 minutes is a huge win.

6. Unfortunately, sometimes (a lot of the time for some...) when self-control fails, the snooze button prevails and what was once a 15-minute power nap often turns into 1.5 hours of blissful snoozing.

7. However, there’s no reason to feel guilty for taking a nap! Research shows that catching a few zzzs can be good for your brain and productivity.

8. Avid nappers are in good company. Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly takes 5 naps a day, Winston Churchill would take 2-hour naps every day, and Einstein believed in the power of a micro-nap (see here for more famous nappers throughout history: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/aug/27/from-aristotle-to-einstein-a-brief-history-of-power-nappers).

9. Naps pretty much solve any problem. Headache or feeling down? Take a nap. Overwhelmed by work and need a break? Take a nap. Need to magically fast forward a tedious day? Take a nap.


10. Like real estate, napping is all about location, location, location! Where you take your nap can affect the whole experience


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