The World's First Sheets Made for Pet Parents

Imagine if you could sleep with your pet and there would be ZERO mess. 

NO fur, NO stains, NO dirt. 

Just fresh, ultra-soft comfort every time you go to sleep. 

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Fur resistant/
Static Free

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A couple and their dog sleeping together on a sunlit bed.

Meet Plufl’s FurFree Sheets

The only bed sheets specifically made for you and your furry companion. 

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Pet owners,
does this sound familiar?

❌ Having to change your sheets ALL the time

🤧 Sheets get dirty/smelly quickly  

🙅‍♀️ Sheets get scratchy after many wash cycles 

🔥 You overheat sleeping with your pet

Well we solved ALL these problems with the FurFree Sheets. 

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No More Furry Mess

Waking up covered in fur is a thing of the past with our proprietary sateen weave that repels away all types of fur

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Stays Clean and Fresh

Infused with silver, our sheets naturally repel outside germs like mites, tics, and fleas without you having to worry

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Sleep Cooler

Our sheets are made with a blend of eucalyptus and cotton that’s ultra cool and soft to the touch

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Wrinkle Free

FurFree sheets remain soft and wrinkle free even after many wash cycles

Your pet-friendly sheets has arrived

Enjoy a fur-free, clean, and comfortable sleep every night.

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A dog sleeping peacefully beside a woman in bed.